Microlink Hair Extensions Are A Great Option For Fine Hair


Microring or Microlink hair extensions have been around for a long time. If you have not heard of this easy way of adding in extensions then this post is for you.

The microlink extensions uses silicone lined plastic beads that help to grip your hair and the extension in small individual bunches. If you have fine hair that cannot hold heavy extensions then this method is a great way to still wear extensions without causing damage to your hair.

The cool thing about doing your hair extensions like this, is that you can add bulk in areas of your hair that need it without the stress and you can actually get to your scalp if you need to.

Watch the below video to see how the extensions are applied and what they look like:

Best practices

1. See a stylist

If you are interested in trying this type of hair extension I would suggest that you find a stylist to help you with them. As you can see from the above video demonstration it would be difficult for you to do the extensions yourself especially in the back or sides of your head.

2. Microlinks might be better on straight hair

I will not go as far as saying that your hair has to be relaxed but from a personal perspective I do not think the hair blends seamlessly when your hair is curly and not on a ponytail or bun. In addition to that curly hair tangles and you might have some slipping of the links which will cause tangles if you do not remove the extension in time.

Take the below video for instance. The hair looked amazing but as the YouTuber went through her wash routine she does demonstrate and instance where her extension slipped and caused some tangles. Added to that, it may have been just the choice in hair but you can see the distinct difference between the two textures.

To be clear, these issues are easily worked around or you can just opt to wear your hair straight during the period you have chosen to wear the extensions. Comment below and let me know if you have ever tried microlinks or if you would take the plunge.


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