MN Cop Kim Potter Found Guilty Of Manslaughter For Daunte Wright Shooting


On Thursday after starting deliberations on Monday, the Jury in the Kim Potter case returned a verdict of guilty of one count each for first-degree manslaughter and second-degree manslaughter in the Daunte Wright Shooting.

As reported Kim Potter took the stand and broke down in tears describing what happened on the day Daunte was killed.

According to NBC News, the former MN cop described the events as “chaotic” moments before pulling the trigger believing she fired a stun gun.

The April 11 encounter involving Potter and other officers from the Brooklyn Center Police Department escalated during the traffic stop, she testified, after Wright, 20, was asked to step out of a white Buick.

Potter said she told Wright he had an outstanding warrant. It was for a weapons violation, she said.

Potter testified that Wright began reaching for the gear shift.

“I can see Johnson’s hand, and then I can see his face. … He had a look of fear in his face,” Potter’s voice cracked and she began crying. “And it’s nothing I’ve seen before.

We were trying to keep him from driving away. It just, it just went chaotic. … And then, I remember yelling, ‘Taser. Taser. Taser.’ And nothing happened. And then, he told me, I shot him.”

According to the NY Post Prosecutor Erin Eldridge, also a member of the prosecuting team in the Chauvin trial, said in her closing arguments that Potter’s actions were “no little ‘oopsie.’”

“This was a colossal screw-up, a blunder of epic proportions. It was precisely the thing she was warned about for years and she was trained to prevent it.” In her opening remarks, she said Potter “betrayed her badge.”

Defense attorney Earl Gray said what happened was a mistake, and blamed Wright for his own death, saying if he had complied with the officers’ demands, he would still be alive today.

“She made a mistake, and, my gosh, a mistake is not a crime,” Gray said.

Wright, who was just 20 years old at the time of his death and the father of a young child, was unarmed during the traffic stop.

His girlfriend was in the car at the time of the fatal encounter, testifying at the trial that she frantically tried to help him from the passenger seat.

“I grabbed like whatever was in the car,” Alayna Albrecht-Payton said, fighting through tears.

“I didn’t know what to do, so I just put my hands over his chest and I just tried to hold it and just started to scream his name,” she said.

“I was just trying to have him talk to me and just kept saying, Daunte, like, Daunte, can you say something, please. Talk to me.”


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