Model And Activist Ebonee Davis Channels 8 Legendary Black Fashion Icons In A Stunning Shoot

As Nina Simone 1967

You all might recognize Ebonee Davis from her association with Calvin Klein or maybe her open letter in Harper’s Bazaar she wrote last year where she discussed not conforming to industry standards and fully embracing her natural hair.

Ebonee is a powerhouse and recently The Cut did an amazing editorial shoot with the model where she channeled 8 legendary black fashion icons in celebration of women who embody black excellence.

Via The Cut:

Inclusion may be having a moment right now, but what happens when being inclusive isn’t on trend anymore? For change to endure, inclusion has to go beyond cool, beyond just hiring models of color; it has to be more than reactionary response to what’s happening in our society and politics, and making room for people of color on all levels.”

Are things even getting better on the runway? Are casting agents and brands truly committed to including different kinds of women?

Davis has spent all her life thinking that blackness was inferior and whiteness superior from the lens of high fashion. She explains her own awakening as, “unlearning and building from the ground up.”

In this photo series she pays homage to iconic, majestic images of black women like Nina Simone, Iman, Tina Turner, and more who were (and still are) unapologetic in embodying black excellence.

Check out the pictures:

1971 Pat Cleveland
1975 Diana Ross
As Josephine Baker 1927
As Donyale Luna 1966
As Marsha Hunt 1969

Absolutely gorgeous! For the complete editorial and more pictures, click here.


  1. The makers of that trash movie about Nina should have taken notes from this on how to cast someone who doesn’t necessarily look like her but can still play instead of insulting that woman’s memory with facial prosthetics on Zoe saldana


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