Model And Author Cyrene Renee Describes Her Carefree Black Girl Self-Care Routine


We recently caught up with Model, author, and all-around dope af influencer Cyrene Renee for an easy carefree black girl self-care routine. In this climate, we all need to take the time to focus wholeheartedly on caring for us.

In that pursuit, we asked Cyrene to self direct her own photoshoot for our second Digital Cover picking her brain on what self-care looks like for her.

Cy decided to do her thing along with the help of her daughter Alyssa at a park in the Bronx, read below how this model “self cares”.

Describe your self-care routine.

My self-care routine includes a lot of walking, laughing, and surrounding myself with people I love and who love me.

My tribe is my self-care

My tribe is part of my self-care. I juggle many hats being a model and author and everything in between, so I rest and meditate every day. It helps me stay balanced, focused, and refreshed. I say “no” when necessary and “yes” when I want to.

Neither one is an obligation. Every week I give myself a mani/pedi. Starting with soaking my feet in eucalyptus Epsom salt and ending with a nice foot massage.

I listen to music, write and read books and poetry. I even spend some time dancing like no one is watching, because… They aren’t.

I cook for my family as well as water the plants. I try to make everything I do purposeful and helpful. I make sure I have enough of myself for everyone… Starting with me.

What is your after makeup after-show face routine like?

After shows, I have way more makeup than I would normally wear, but my routine is simple. Although all of my products are oil-free (I have oily skin), I use pure vitamin e oil for my eye makeup. It’s the easiest and most gentle way to remove it. Especially, for deep black eyeliner.

Makeup remover pads never did the trick and always left my eyes sore and red. After a couple of wipes with vitamin e, the makeup is gone. My pet peeve is waking up to raccoon eyes. After that, I use a gentle exfoliant cleanser.

I then use diluted apple cider vinegar with mostly water on a cotton swab to make sure the excess makeup is removed.

Depending on how extensive the makeup is for the evening, I sit with a honey mask for about 5 to 10 minutes. Ending with a rinse and moisturizer.

If you had to give the ultimate beauty secret, what would it be?

I don’t drink soda anymore

As for beauty “secrets”, I don’t have any. I do think the more natural the better. I use nothing with sulfates and parabens.

cyrene renee

When I do a face mask its normally one of three things.

1. Natural clay.

2. Pure honey and

3. Fresh aloe vera plant.

I rather use the actual natural element, than a store-bought product within it. Most of my products are drug stores or grocery stores.

Be it CoverGirl Matte Ambition Foundation (since there is no more CoverGirl Queen… heartbroken) or 100% coconut oil for my skin (never lotion).

I don’t drink soda anymore other than occasional ginger ale. I drink a lot of water or herbal tea. Never coffee.

Favorite lipstick … aaaand go!

For a long time, I was a vaseline and Carmax type of girl. I still prefer a nude as possible, hardly noticeable lip.

Recently, I have been using a tinted lip oil by Elf. It has a light shade of pink that is barely there but leaves my lips glossy and moisturized.

For an evening look, I love Black Radiance Perfect Tone Matte Lip Creme in the shade Bronze Sugar.

I Am Not A Red Lip Fan

For me, it’s the perfect deep berry color. I’m not a red lip fan (don’t @ me), so this is a great alternative for me. The wear is long-lasting and very rarely do I reapply.


When do you feel the sexiest?

cyrene renee

There would have been a time when this answer would have been based on someone else’s perception of me. However, I feel the sexist when I am most comfortable.

When I can just be me without having to worry about the extra negatives and judgment. When I am relaxed.

When I am wearing my favorite perfume, my hair comes out just right, my makeup naturally flawless, and wearing my favorite underwear under my clothes and no one else knows it but me.

I’m The Sexiest When I Am Discrete And Vulnerable

When I sit and write my poetry with my music playing low and my thoughts are free to roam. I’m sexiest when I am discrete and vulnerable.

When I look in the mirror and smile back at myself. I make me blush… By the way, I really like this question (lol).


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