How To Moisturize Your Dry Hair Mid Week And A Protective Style


If you suffer from dry hair then chances are by the time you wash your hair on the weekend and you head towards mid week your hair will be dry. If you have high porosity hair then this is especially true for you.

It helps to have a plan for mid-week moisture for your natural hair so that your hair can remain healthy all week long. Below I have linked a Video created by Laila or Fusion of Cultures where she describes her mid-week moisturizing process. I have used the same technique for my own natural journey so I can attest that it works very well.

One of my favorite moisturizers is Aloe Vera Juice and water in a spray bottle (stored in the fridge) you will be using that along with few other products for your mid-week moisturizer.

Here are the steps:

  • Divide your hair in 6 sections and finger tangle
  • Spray your hair with aloe vera and water (one of our faves). Spray liberally on each section of hair.
  • Use your favorite leave in conditioner and moisturize every section, I use the As I Am leave-in, but you can use whatever you like.
  • Use a butter or oil as a sealant over each section – I use the As I Am Double Butter
  • Twist each section
  • Cover your hair for 20 minutes with a plastic bag for extreme moisture

Cover with a satin bonnet and head to bed

Watch Laila as she demonstrates how she moisturizes her hair during the week:

Once you moisturize your hair you are probably ready to restyle your natural hair and if you are protective styling you an try a creative flat twist style for the weekend or just rock your twists.

Check out this very cute protective style:

By the way, If you need to learn to flat twist, click here! Happy moisturizing! 


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