Mom Helps Her 16yr Old Remodel Their Backyard Shed To Start Braiding Business


A Houston mom documented the process of turning a backyard shed into an entire braid salon for and with her 16-year-old daughter.

On TikTok mom, Tanai Bernard Turner(@tanaibernardturner), shared that her daughter, Iyanna Danai affectionately called Yanni, invested her own money from her summer job to get paint and materials to bring the space to life.

Watch the entire remodel below:


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Mom made sure her daughter appreciated the process by allowing her to play an active part in the remodel.

From picking her own paint

To painting the space herself.

Her new salon is called Iyanna Danai Beauty Bar and one things for sure, sis is fly with her hands and now with the help of her entrepreneur mom, she will have a great start.

In another Instagram post, Tanai shared that her daughter is enrolled in a cosmetology program and will be able to get her state license by the time she graduates HS and is also working.

In the meantime, Yanni is booked and busy as evidenced by this Tanai Instagram update.


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Nothing like empowering our children to do and be the best version of themselves. If you want to get your hair braided and you are in the Houston area do not hesitate to give Iyanna Danai Beauty Bar a call. Follow mom on Instagram here



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