Mom Says School Shaved Her 7yr-old Daughter’s Head Without Parental Permission


I just want you for a minute, to imagine sending your little princess to school with a full head of hair and then have her come home later that afternoon with her head fully shaved.

I swear I cannot make these things up! Denise Robinson posted on Facebook that this happened to her 7yr old daughter Tru. She posted the picture above and said this;

Before and after her hair is gone.. Tru has a fade. We did not give anyone permission to do this! Denise further said that a volunteer at the school cut the childs hair without asking for her parental permission. Instead she asked the little girl if she wanted the hair cut and she told the volunteer it would be ok.

“I really feel like this was racially motivated,” she continued. “None of the other girls got their hair shaved. She was the only girl who was shaved bald today. The boys weren’t even cut this low.”

Since the post the incident has gone viral and mom has met with the school who admitted responsibility and agreed that it should not have happened. This is what she posted on Facebook later on:

Thank you everyone who #WHYTRU today! We got answers, parties accepted responsibility. Still not happy but I have some answers.

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