Mom Shares Story About Getting A Restraining Order Against Child In Elementary School


In what is now a viral TikTok video, a black mom recounts the time she had to place a restraining order on a young boy who was bullying her elementary school Daughter.

In the video, you will hear mom (Michelle) share how she noticed small things that were different about her child. Bruises that her daughter claimed were from the playground and just a difference in behavior and attitude.

The final straw was when her daughter came home with a black eye from “a playground accident” she decided to head to the school for an explanation.

The next day, her daughter accidentally left her lunchbox at home which gave Noel the excuse to bring it into the school.

As she reached the classroom, the mum claims she overheard a little boy threatening her daughter.

She continued: “[He told her], ‘I want to see your dead body on the ground. I want to see blood pouring from your body.'”

Naturally, the horrified mum rushed over to interrupt the boy and told him to go sit down – to which he allegedly replied “make me”.

“I found out that this kid had basically been abusing my daughter,” she said. “The black eye had come from him slamming his lunchbox into her face.”

She told the teacher, went to the principal who did nothing. Mom had to resort to going to the police station to get a restraining order against the child and had him permanently removed from the school. Other parents came forward with complaints as well.

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The moral of the story is to listen to your children and watch everything even when they don’t say a word or won’t complain.

So happy Michelle took action and went to the full extent of the law because that school is crazy!

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