Mommy And Me Faux Bangs And Buns



  1. Hello my name is saundrette And I love this with you and your daughter both beautiful ladies. I was wanting to know the products used on you girl’s hair. My daughter and I are also natural heads but my daughter who is two years old her hair seems to get extra dry and 83rd at a stand still with growing out. I’ve been using a mixture of twas Shea butter and pure coconut oil in her hair. I was and condition her hair with shea moisture. Line. I just want to use the best natural products for us as possible. Thank you! ✌ and blessings!

    • Hi Saundrette the video isnt of me, it is of Jessica Pettway on YouTuber and her cute little girl. But to answer your question to hydrate your little ones curls I would suggest getting a spray bottle and put half aloe Vera Juice and half water.. Add a little oil if you like. Spritz her hair heavily before adding any butters or oils to her hair. Remember that oils and butters do not hydrate curls they seal the water in.

      Keep your Aloe mix in the fridge but use at room temp if she starts complaining about how cold it is. or you can make it every time you do her hair. Her hair is always growing all you have to do is keep it moisturized and in a protective style. Shea moisture products for kids are great, but try others as well like, Curls or Camille Rose Naturals. Read some of the posts in this section —


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