My How Times Have Changed! – Blue Ivy And Her “Voluminous Hair” Have Hit The Internet And People Are Loving It


Pictures of Blue Blue and her ‘Voluminous hair” (as the blogs are NOW calling it) have hit the internet and I cannot help but think, oh how times have changed!

Society’s fascination with Blue’s hair has been nothing short of interesting to me, especially in comparison to the reactions of many when she was very young versus now. – Its like night and day but I am absolutely happy about how positive the reactions have been recently!

How gorgeous is her hair!?

Blue ivy

For the record Blue has always had gorgeous hair and every chance I get to remind folks about the glory of a child and her natural hair I will!

  1. What do you all think about the difference between how people used to react to Blue’s hair versus now? Do you think its her length that has changed things? Or have we actually matured?

Weigh in below!


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