Nadia Rose Is One Female Rapper You Need To Watch


I love music that’s no secret and I knew early on that I wanted to infuse it into whatever I did here somehow.

So color me surprised and slightly embarrassed that today was the first time I had ever heard of Nadia Rose. Nadia is a rapper from Croydon in the UK and her style and lyrics remind me a lot of Missy Elliot but she is a force to be reckoned with all on her own.

I started looking up details on who she was and found this from Fader:

Most impressively, Rose seems to have skipped the amateur experimentation stage to emerge as a fully formed artist with her own distinct voice.

There are echoes of her influences: Missy Elliott’s verbal eccentricity, Eminem’s technical panache with a dollop of dancehall, and she shares the penchant for banter that marks out her British peers such as Lady Leshurr.

Just two years ago, there was rather more boredom in Rose’s life. Juggling university with a job in one of the many betting shops that have proliferated on Croydon’s high street since she was a kid, Rose would scribble lyrics on betting slips and go home to record them but kept it a secret from all but her closest friends. “It was a barrier. I wanted to do it, but I couldn’t,” she says now. So she quit her job, with no safety net. “I didn’t have a timescale, I didn’t have a plan. But I had the best people around me, and I haven’t looked back.”

The most formative of those people included her dad, a DJ who passed on a love of the musical spectrum from jungle to the Spice Girls; Rose remembers the first time his music drew her downstairs: “It was Capleton’s Cuyah Cuyah, I came down and would just sit there and take everything in from the speakers.” The charisma and hint of arrogance that magnetized her then still inspires her now: “There’s no point doing this if you’re not confident.”

And confident she is! Check out one of her hit singles below:

Skwod is an ode to girlfriends and she said “When all of that energy is together, it’s incredible what you can achieve.”

Now watch her freestyle she did back in 2015 – DJ Semtex

Nadia has a ton of dope tracks out there that I have been binging on all day, if you love Grime, you should check her out if you haven’t already! Follow her on Instagram here.


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