Mielle Organics recently launched its More Than A Strand Global Beauty Campaign aimed at strengthening the bonds between mothers, daughters, and young women across the U.S, the Caribbean, and Africa.

According to their press release – The #MoreThanAStrand Global Beauty Campaign seeks to strengthen the bond between mothers, daughters, and young girls across the tri-continent of U.S., Caribbean, and Africa footprints through hair care.

With this campaign, Mielle Organics aims to empower mothers and young girls through survivor storytelling, education, entrepreneurship, and economic development on a global scale.

Mielle will travel the globe to find compelling stories of known and unknown influencer survivors. Our hope is that these organic stories will interconnect and have an impact on other women struggling with similar issues.

Survivor stories will include but are not limited to: class abuse, domestic violence, bullying, anxiety, depression, mental illness, cancer, COVID-19, substance abuse, colorism, and more!

To be completely transparent the campaign caught my attention when I noticed one of my favorite singers right now participating in it.

Naomi Cowan is a Jamaican entertainer, the daughter of gospel singer Carlene Davis and just a force to be reckoned with all around.

I am particularly obsessed with 5 Jamaican female artists right now, Sevana, Lila Ike, Jaz Elise, Koffee, and Miss Paradise Plum Naomi Cowan.

So it isn’t a stretch that when Naomi announced that she would be representing Jamaica in Mielle’s #MoreThanAStrand Global Beauty Campaign I knew whatever she did would be magic.

This was her announcement on Instagram:

In her campaign video, Naomi touched on a few issues that we (women from Jamaica) often have to deal with.

For me, and for her, our natural hair isn’t something we were raised to appreciate.

Most of us had a relaxer as early as 8 or 9 so we had no idea what our natural hair was like, what it did, how it grew, how to take care of it, and most importantly how to love it.

We all have a story to tell, and it is always interesting to draw similarities from women all over the world and learn about our differences as well.

These days black women are reconstructing every ounce of their being including their hair. We are all learning that the process of reconstruction isn’t always pretty but our growth and continued enlightenment makes it all worth it.

Watch Naomi’s take on the #morethanastrand campaign with Mielle below:

Gwaan truu queen Naomi!

Since you are here you might as well watch one of my favorite Naomi Cowan videos’ below:

We will be watching the Mielle Organics #Morethanastrand Campaign for more magic! Follow Naomi on Instagram here and learn more about the Mielle Organics #morethanastrandcampaign here.

If you were given the chance to tell your hair story, what would you say? Comment below!


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