What Natural Hair And Beauty Bloggers Are Saying About The Recent Police Shootings


At some point in our little world, we have to stop and say something, we cannot continue to talk about 4C hair, coconut oil, and lipstick and not express the sheer heaviness of the recent slaughtering of our black men.

I myself have wondered how in the world do I keep blogging and putting content out when there are families literally suffering and grieving over losses that did not have to happen.

The deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile and so many others have sent us into a whirlwind and we are all so sad… so heartbroken and so so tired.

I wanted to compile a short list of what other bloggers in the natural hair and beauty world have been saying, how they have been releasing.

These influencers seek to inspire us with their creativity daily and there are so many more that I could have posted so do not feel think I left you out. I see you, we see you, keep posting and talking about this, sharing actionable content that will benefit us all.

Read below:

moknows hair

I’ve been reading all over social media and online news about these brutal injustices. I start to pray and can’t find words.

My fears have been mounting. I find myself tensing up walking past police, whispering to God, “please don’t let them notice me or speak to me.” I recall the last time I was pulled over in my car in Missouri, texting my location to a friend, turning on my phone’s video camera just in case… I was born here.

I work here. I pay taxes here. I abide by the laws here. Why do I feel scared here? Why do I feel terrorized here? Because even though I have not been directly present in these situations, I am mentally and emotionally present. And it hurts.

Father God, I don’t even know what to ask for any more, so I will ask You for help, guidance and protection. My prayers go out to the families, friends, and communities surrounding the men and women who have been taken from us. My prayers go out to everyone watching, reading and searching for answers and peace.



I literally just can’t anymore. I’m so tired and drained by these senseless murders, my heart is so heavy #blacklivesmatter



I’m disgusted, frustrated, heartbroken, confused… how does this keep happening? What will it take? Our speeches, posts, tweets, news yes, it brings attention but where is the justice? The system is majorly flawed. Being a police officer should be reserved for intelligent, emotionally responsible human beings.

We need to completely reform the system. Stop handing badges and guns to the racist and insecure. We need to allocate way better pay and hire better. We need to do better. 2016 America and it ain’t safe to be black in the presence of an officer…WTF! My prayers going out to the families affected by these senseless shootings both reported and otherwise. #blacklivesmatter

My natural sistas

What are we going to do? What can we do? What’s the plan? So many hashtags, but still no justice… #AltonSterling ??


No words. Just sadness. Anger. Hopelessness — This is an eerie year… Something doesn’t feel right. Civil war (against black people and the Unconscious has been declared). Well, it’s been declared but an uglier face will show soon.

There’s no time to wait for it, though. Buy gold, buy silver, don’t give up your weapons to ANYONE, keep your passport on your person, buy land to grow food, and PLAN out different strategies with like-minded ppl. F*ck it. #TheWalkingDead #AltonSterling



There has to be a SHIFT. There has to be a CHANGE. Remaining the same and expecting different outcomes will drive us mad.

Prayers up but also VOICES NEED TO BE UP!! Use your ABILITY to #vote and create change in your communities to make the difference you want to see. Because you know what..they won’t feel it until they FEEL IT. #JusticeFor #PhilandoCastile #AltonSterling #BlackLivesMATTER


I’m tired of waking up and going to sleep crying about the same tragedies…I’m tired of feeling judged feared and looked down upon…I’m tired of feeling so grateful to not have a son or fearing ever having one or for my daughter’s future son, or for my cousin’s friends uncles etc

…I’m tired of people not understanding how we feel or where we’re coming from because they have NEVER had to deal with what we have for centuries

…I’m tired of “certain” people/media only acknowledging “certain” tragedies then pretending not to notice tragedies that pertain to “us”

…I’m tired of feeling not as important, overlooked, not as beautiful, less than, not as marketable, dangerous, not as free, disposable. It’s 2016 and still uncomfortable for people to be black or gay due to fear and hatred. When will all lives REALLY matter? Sooo…tiiired, my heart is so heavy.

And finally Issa Rae


This woman selflessly went on GoFundMe and raised almost $500K for the Sterling family in 24hrs, there are no words needed. If you would like to contribute to the GoFundMe account, click here.

May all the men and women who have lost their lives due to excessive force rest in peace.



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