Natural Textured Clip-Ins Can Get You Through the Awkward Length Stage


Every natural who has big chopped has gone through the dreaded “awkward stage,” and for me, it was the toughest part of my natural journey thus far.

My hair wasn’t long enough to confidently rock a twist out or wash and go, and I basically put my hair into witness protection underneath protective styles until it got to a length I was comfortable with. Recently I tried natural textured clip-ins and realized these would have been awesome when my hair was shorter.

Here is why you should get a set of natural texture clip-ins if you are at the awkward length:

1. Length in Seconds

If your hair is not your desired length, and you don’t want anything permanent like a sew in and would rock a wig but you still want the natural look? Then clip ins are the answer. You can put them in and take them out in a few seconds.

2. Multiple Textures

There are so many natural textured clip ins on the market that also comes a fun array of curl textures- from kinky curly to coily, you won’t have a hard time finding a texture to match your curls.

3. Try Before You Buy

I’ve also seen various suppliers have the option of buying a curl texture sample, so you can make sure you are ordering the perfect texture match for your curls.

4. No Damage

Clip ins are very gentle on your hair, and you can take them out nightly if you choose too.

5. Washable

Most clip ins are human hair, so that means you can treat it just like your hair, and wash and condition it.

6. You can get instant Color

When I ordered my clip ins, they came in a “natural brown” color, which wasn’t going to work for my very dark brown hair. To fix that I quickly grabbed some permanent hair dye, and wah-lah- perfect color match!

The other option is to get a color dramatically different from your own hair to create a dramatic effect or highlights.

Watch Janai Kirsten install her clip ins to her TWA:


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