@Naturally_nakyia Shared Some Of Her Wedding Pics And They Are The Best Thing Ever


I literally discovered Nakyia through her now viral Instagram pictures of her wedding party. I absolutely loved the pictures of her bridesmaids in their full on fros for her destination wedding with her love, Jay.

Here is what she said about the photos:

I’m loving all of these photos friends and family have captured!! I had a vision for my wedding and what was for Nakyia and Jay. Not anyone else and in the end I have to say everything exceeded what I could’ve imagined, and my expectations were pretty high might I add, I mean it is a special moment for us!

Ultimately, I’m elated to have married my best friend with our family and friends surrounding us in the most beautiful way we could…. Our way.

naturally_nakia 2

naturally_nakia 7


naturally_nakia 33

naturally_nakia 44

naturally_nakia 74

These aren’t even her official pictures, imagine how gorgeous those are? (This post will be updated if she shares them.)

Congratulations Nakyia and Jay on your wedding and thank you Nakyia, your vision was everything! Follow naturally_nakyia here.



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