The New Fenty Beauty #MATTEMOISELLE Lipsticks Dropped Today And The Swatches Are Beautiful


Fenty Beauty dropped their 14 Mattemoiselle Lipsticks at, Sephora, Harvey Nichols and SephorainJCP today and the excitement for the new colors have been nothing short of lit.

The $18 lipsticks come in a range of shades including nudes, purples, blues, greens and not to mention that stunning red, infamously called “Stunna” which was released a few weeks ago!

According to the description provided by the brand, the idea was to create a line that would rep every mood in full color.

Read below:

High-octane pigment meets unexpectedly universal shades to complement all moods, all skin tones, all day. Whether you’re looking for the perfect red, everyday nude, or moody blue, Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick makes it easier than ever to rock the entire rainbow.

Rihanna wanted to make the matte lipstick of your dreams a reality: Think mega rich color minus the weight. The ultimate light-as-air texture glides on creamy and stays put—no bleeding or feathering after application—with a velvety-soft matte finish inspired by a rose petal.

In addition to that, there is a secret to the design of lipsticks that is different from your average lippie. According to the Fenty team of experts the angle of the lipstick is perfect for top lip application but for your bottom lip you should flip the stick upside down.

Read below from Glamour:
Picture how you normally apply lipstick, with your hand coming at your face from below, around your chin. We’ve all gone through the motions—it feels intuitive.

Now say goodbye to that. Fenty’s team says that angle is perfect for applying lipstick to your top lip. But for your bottom lip? Flip the lipstick upside down, and swipe it across your lip from that angle (holding the tube pointed down, coming from around your nose).

So far I have been loving the promo’s which sort of give you an idea on how the shades would look on different complexions.


Slick Woods:


And finally, one of my favorite swatch videos so far, Alissa Ashley came through with a video swatching all 14 colors demonstrating how the colors look on her skin tone.

Comment below and let me know if you will be purchasing all or most of the colors! Grab all 14 here at Fenty Beauty, Sephora here or at Harvey Nichols here.


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