New Music Video – “Steady Love” By India Arie Is The Representation Of Black Love We Need To See

India Arie Stead Love

Ya’ll I’m so excited about the “feel good” music that our favorite artists have been developing these days and this latest video and song by India Irie is a perfect example.

The Grammy-Award-winning singer and songwriter just released her latest video called, “Steady Love” featuring David Banner as her love interest.

The video was directed by Nandy McClean and it is a powerful depiction of black love in the most beautiful way.

This is how she described her vision to Okayplayer:

“For this video, I wanted to depict black love, grown-up love, commitment,” Arie told Okayplayer. “A beautiful man and woman doing life together and loving each other through the inevitable ups and downs of life. I want this video it to be part of a cultural conversation about creating healthy images of love and relationships in the Black Community and in the world as a whole. Images that can strengthen people.”

Watch the video below:

I watched the video at least 5 times! Love everything about it!


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