New Music Video – “The Rain” K. Michelle

k michelle the rain

K. Michelle looks absolutely gorgeous in her new music video “The Rain” which is an ode to that “Can you Stand the Rain” record by New Edition. According to Respect Magazine this release has set the tone for her forthcoming fifth studio album All Monsters Are Human. The most impressive thing about this release is the songstress’s impeccable vocals over a familiar melody.

Watch below:

On this release K. Michelle gets very sexy and sensual, as she shows the world how much of a creative genius she is. To ensure the success of this single, she tapped hitmaker Jazzy Pha, who killed the production to perfection.

You will hear the Memphis native saying things like “I can get it wetter than a thunderstorm, make love from the midnight till the early morn, wakin you up like some Folgers in your cup, that morning brew, that’s what I do”. These concrete lyrics are one of many reasons why “Rain” is a masterpiece.

“The Rain” is for the grown and sexy who appreciate real music, and understand the power of paying homage to those who came before you. The Memphis native openly discusses how much she loves New Edition’s “Can You Stand The Rain” as she have performed it numerous times on tour.


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