News Anchor Tashara Parker Shared An Important Message After Going Viral For Her Hair Style

Tashara Parker Message

Dallas based news anchor Tashara Parker recently went viral after she wore a quadruple bun hairstyle on television while doing the weather.

Yall, her hair was so damn fly it didn’t even make no sense!

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We all collectively agreed that the level of slayage (is that a word?) was beyond what most of us could handle a 6 AM in the morning.

Her photographs quickly spread through social media and we now have a name for the movement.

Tashara is calling it “The Bun Ministry”!

We also joined in the fun and shared her picture on our Instagram causing our engagement to shoot through the roof with comments like:

Yes!!! Love seeing her bring it !!

That is just the best thing I’ve seen on TV ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

You might be wondering what the hype is about? Why is this still a “thing”? As most of you know we have often shared stories of black women who have experienced discrimination based on their hairstyles.

Many critics considering traditionally black styles as “unprofessional” or “unkempt”.

Just read this post from another anchor who was called ‘childish” for wearing braids.

Or you can read this one about another news anchor who was told she wouldn’t keep a job with short hair.

Countless stories that shouldn’t even exist! “But here we are.”

Tashara has often made it clear that it isn’t normal for black hair to be a constant topic of debate with regards to professionalism.

As a matter of fact, after being criticized herself, she gave a pretty poignant response to the hoopla, bad and good.

On Instagram she shared this caption:

The bun ministry had something to say to the critics.

“Why does my crown offend you?”

After the bun situation went viral, I wanted to share #myperspective on natural hair in the workplace. Next time, think twice before you tell a black woman what’s considered “professional hair” in the workplace.

I had a message for the people this morning and tbh I’m still in tears.

OAN: Pass the @thecrownact.

and this message, watch below:

After this post, the public (children included) have been posting pictures and videos of their own renditions of the Bun Ministry, showing just how impactful representation is.

There was this adorable video:

And these adorable pictures:


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The baby bun ministry has entered the chat and I can’t take it. 😭🙏🏾

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And this video thread:

And finally Sarah Jakes Roberts sharing that we need to give Tashara Parker her flowers now:


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“Tashara Parker, we give you your flowers now.” Just wow! Who knew the outpouring of support would be so incredible! Forever grateful. ❤️

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