“All My News Comes From The Beauty Shop” – Tiffany Haddish Gets Raving Reviews From Her First Visit To SNL


Last night Tiffany Haddish hit the SNL stage and just as we expected she kept it all the way real and all the way funny in her opening monologue and in most of the skits.

Via the Ringer:
In SNL’s 43-year history, only 12 black women have ever hosted, full stop. This is also a show that, in the not-very-distant past, awkwardly held auditions exclusively for black female performers after its typical hiring process failed to organically staff even one following Rudolph’s departure more than half a decade before. Haddish’s presence suggests the climate at SNL may be starting to change.

More importantly, however, her gig alongside musical guest Taylor Swift testifies to the magnitude of her charisma. Haddish has an undeniable star power that dominated the night through sheer force of will. Who else would be able to get away with strutting through the Weekend Update set for no particular reason while Chris Redd introduced her as “your queen,” Coming to America-style?

Just in case you missed it some of her most memorable moments watch below:

A few skits:

Good job Tiffany!


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