This Nivea Is Being Called Out For Its Racist Skin Lightening Commercial


Last week we were having an epic conversation about a DOVE commercial that was considered racist by many because of the visuals the commercial portrayed. This week if you have been checking your feed, NIVEA is on the chopping block because of a commercial they allegedly launched in Ghana that celebrated women of color getting ‘fairer’ skin after using their creme.

Watch below:

After watching that I am curious to know your thoughts on it but in the mean time here is mine. We all know that companies often prey on the needs of people whether good or bad and my guess is Nivea is slightly confused and blind.

They have not bothered to notice that black women in particular have been celebrating the skin they are in whether, dark, light, green or red. They also do not understand the power of social media and the fact that you will be held accountable for tone deaf visuals as well as clear messages of racism despite what country you are targeting.

At some point cosmetic companies need to get a bit more responsible about what they are doing, the days of just dropping a piece of content in the laps of people who you think are not invested in themselves physically, emotionally and mentally are over!

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