Normani Shares Her Self Care Routine – “I’m In A Season Of being”


In a recent interview, Normani shared her self-care routine, and its refreshing and not just about getting her nails and hair done.

She shared with Allure that she is taking the time during the pandemic to be in her most natural state spending time with herself.

Do I consider myself a beauty queen? I do. When I was younger, I was a Miss Texas contestant, and I think that when talking about pageants, people have a single kind of idea of what beauty is.

It should represent all women, to be quite frank. Everyone has a beauty queen within them. And it takes time to tap into that awareness.

So, yes, my answer is yes. I am a beauty queen. Right now, there’s beauty in me having the time, even in this pandemic, to be still, to disconnect from the rest of the world, to journal.

It’s just me getting to know myself, spending time with myself. I love being in my natural state.

I have braids in right now. Typically, my hair would be pretty manipulated — a lot of brushing, half up, half down, extensions. But I’m in a season of being.

I think I learned a lot about myself being in Fifth Harmony. It was obvious — I was the only significantly darker, African-American [member].

Knowing that I looked different sometimes, I think, definitely altered the way that I felt. But honestly, I have such an amazing support system. My mom and my dad and my grandmother always reminded me I was beautiful.

I was one of three little Black kids in the whole school and I remember asking my mom to straighten my hair, wishing my eyes were a little bit lighter, because that was the standard.

Every Black girl should be able to look at the television screen and see herself as beautiful. I think I’m just discovering who I am, to be quite honest.

Naomi Campbell was such a huge part of my childhood, and me being able to look at one of the biggest supermodels in the whole entire world — not only being a Black woman but being a woman with a similar complexion to me.

Colorism is a whole other thing. Musically, Kelly Rowland is the mother of chocolate girls. I don’t know if you saw her latest video, “Coffee” — she looks stunning.

And Michelle Obama. The fact that a first lady can be not only a Black woman, but a Black woman that looks like me, that is typically at the bottom of the totem pole in terms of having the conversation about beauty standards.

I think I’m just discovering who I am, to be quite honest. And it’s not me in contest with anybody else; it’s me in competition with myself.

I want to start taking more dance classes and being more physical. Naturally, I’m athletic, because that’s who I was at a young age. You’d think I [trained] more, but I probably work out three times a week.

I work out at this gym called Dogpound, with my trainer Kevin [Mejia]. If I work out twice within the week, I’ll do yoga once.

Dance is the best way to stay physical but not feel like I’m working out. Dance is such a part of my brand. Every time I watch Rosalía, I’m so inspired. Similar to music, dance is such a universal language.

I may not be as educated [as Rosalía], because she grew up around flamenco, but it still speaks to me.

I’m curious about a lot. OK, so what’s the history behind that? What does this mean when you hit this [move]? I’m very detail-oriented. But I love to be educated. To know everything.

Speaking of Normani ‘s Braids

Like many of us, Normani has been enjoying a few braid styles this summer. In the below pic she has chunky braids which have been pretty popular this season.

And in the below Savage X Fenty Campaign she is rocking cornrows:


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🍑🧡 #savagexambassador yes, I swear I still make music

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How are you managing your self-care this season?


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