Oh No! – BET Is Cancellng “Being Mary Jane With A 2hr Movie Finale In 2018


I was so sad when I saw this news today because I love “Being MaryJane!” The storytelling was awesome and not to mention how relatable the show was to so many women.

Despite that, the show has seemed to run its course and I am sure there might be a little bit of strain that probably added more fuel to the decision making process.

This is what was reported via Deadline:

Being Mary Jane has been a landmark series not only for BET, but for African American women around the world who saw themselves in Mary Jane, her family, friends, and coworkers.

From the captivating storytelling to the richly complex characters, to the powerful issues tackled on the series, we remain immensely proud,” said Connie Orlando, EVP and Head of Programming, BET Networks.

“We are grateful to the cast and creators of Being Mary Jane, who have worked tirelessly to bring this world to vivid life over the past 4 seasons.

We also thank the many loyal viewers whose hearts and minds were captured every week, and kept Mary Jane trending worldwide. We look forward to closing out Mary Jane’s journey with a series finale that is sure to blow fans away!”

Earlier tonight Gabrel addressed the end of Mary Jane with this Instagram post:

To Every Fan of Being Mary Jane, We have all worked so tirelessly to bring you a show that we could be proud to be a part of. Mary Jane has become my favorite character. We've screwed up together, laughed together, evolved together, and raised hell together. I love all her imperfections, and through playing her I became more forgiving of others who are imperfect and on the journey of self discovery and improvement. We watched her struggle with relationships with both men and women, and we watched her finally start to get her shit together. But the journey isn't over yet. We, as a Being Mary Jane family, cannot wait to bring you this final 2 hour series finale movie that will answer all your questions about each and every character. More than anything, however, we want to thank you with every fiber of our being for faithfully watching the show and supporting our work… from the actors, writers, producers, directors and enormous crew over the years, we are humbled and we remain grateful. Thank you!

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Thank you, Gabriel, for your work! On the flip side, we cannot wait to see what you have up your sleeve after the book tour of course!


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