Oh No! – This Woman Confused “Builders Foam” For Her “Hair Mousse” And Ended Up In The Hospital


I swear there is more to this story but according to The Daily Mail this mystery woman was seen at a hospital because she confused her hair mousse with a can of expanding builders foam.

Read below via The Daily Mail

It shows a mystery woman who reportedly ended up in A&E after confusing her hair mousse with a can of expanding builder’s foam.

The image, believed to have been taken at a hospital somewhere in Eastern Europe, has been widely shared on social media. She can be seen sitting in a waiting room looking understandably unhappy with her situation with a giant solid helmet of polyurethane foam on her head.

wigs and leaves are stuck to the foam, leading to speculation that there might be more to the picture, as seen in The Sun, than a simple mistaken spray can.

Expanding polyurethane foam has a number of uses in DIY situations – although ‘hair product’ is not one of them

Builders’ and at-home-handymen used the foam for everything from preventing leaks, to filling gaps during construction and holding items in place.

If you laugh you are going to hell! – Just sayin!


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