This Is The One Black Girl Ritual We Can All Relate To Regardless Of Where We Are From


We all can pinpoint at least one or two rituals that no matter where we are from we can all relate to. One of my favorites is the idea of sitting on a stoop or anywhere you can find that’s comfortable and getting our hair done by a sister, a cousin, a best friend, close family friend or mom.

These days many of us are trying to take a more appreciative look at some of the simple things we do within our culture in an effort to celebrate and preserve it.


How many times on a weekend did you sit outside with your best friend or cousin for an impromptu braid session and some lit conversation?

When Oprah shared her picture of her french braid it went viral for so many reasons. For one it reminded us that as blessed as Oprah has been in her life, she is still a black girl at heart and to this day that photo is one of my favorite pictures of her.

Here are 6 other times we have practiced this ritual without even batting an eye:


There are the nights you are at home bored not going anywhere and your sister or cousin decides to practice a style on your hair convincing you that you will look amazing.


Then there is that one family friend that does your hair every two weeks for a small fee. You get to tell her some of your secrets and have a grown-up conversation knowing she won’t share it with a soul!


Then there are the nights when you and your girls are about to roll out somewhere and your best friend will stop what she is doing to get you right because she knows you couldn’t braid something if your life depended on it.


Then there are those times you finally get your older sister who is a stylist to hook you up and even though she complained forever about it, you both know that the time you spent together would be the best time ever.


Or the nights you are trying to get hair done but it lasts for hours because nobody is really pressed on finishing the style. It is all about family at that point and nothing else in the world matters.



And finally, there is this, a photo taken by @haitianrich of his grandmother getting her hair done. The picture went viral because it reminded us of our own grandmothers and moms who took such good care of us and who will need us to take care of them. It is the beautiful circle of life, one that is rich in ritual and black girl tradition! Can you relate?


  1. The last picture brought tears to my eyes. I was the one who always braided my grand mère (grandma)’s hair. She had beautiful hair like this grandma.
    Thanks for sharing.


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