The One Ingredient Found In The As I Am DoubleButter Cream That Makes It A Stellar Product


Let’s be clear, the As I Am DoubleButter Cream  is 100% bae in my opinion and a staple in my regimen. I use the butter to seal my ends, for twist outs, for braid outs and for my long term loose twists which I seem to have a thing for these days.

Here is the thing, I am the girl that will study an ingredient list like notes for an end of year exam because I always try to identify that one thing on the list that my hair absolutely loves. Call it anal if you like, I call it being thorough because it is a fool proof way of mapping out my staple products. With that said there is one ingredient in the As I Am DoubleButter Cream that my hair really loves after years of using this product.

If you have purchased this butter before then you have probably noticed the 4th ingredient on the list, Theobroma Cacao or Cocoa seed butter which is the star of this post.

I was born and raised in the Caribbean with cocoa trees everywhere so it wasn’t a stretch for my family and others around me to have some form of ‘cocoa butter something’ because of how beneficial it is for keeping the skin soft and moisturized. My skin always loved it and the benefits for hair are no different.

In this post I am going to share with you why having this ingredient in your butter will work wonders for your hair and why the Doublebutter cream is an absolute staple for me.

What is Cocoa butter?

Cocoa butter is derived from cocoa beans and it is the by-product in the production of chocolate. In technical terms, it is an all-natural pure fat that is extracted from cocoa beans. It is a very concentrated natural fat and literally melts when applied to your skin as it adapts to your body temperature and assimilates to it.

What does all this mean for hair

1. It is a superb moisturizer

Cocoa butter is an all natural emollient which means it attracts moisture to your strands. The As I Am DoubleButter cream already contains water but with the added cocoa butter it ensures that your hair remains supple and extremely moisturized.

I have fine strands that have a tendency to be porous, it is almost imperative that I use ingredients that attract moisture since my hair does not like to hold on to it for very long.

2. Reduces breakage

Functionally the product can be used to prevent hair loss because it serves as a natural barrier to frizz and friction. When you add the product to your ends as part of the LOC method or on its own you will notice how naturally your hair will clump together.

Clumping is a sign of good hair health and there is strength in numbers which is why your hair will tend to clump in the same direction. Always avoid separating the strands too much because curly strands tend to be weaker when separated and more prone to breakage.

3. It increases your hair’s tinsel strength

Cocoa butter contains vitamin K and E which when added to the hair can increase it’s tinsel strength. Tinsel strength refers to your hair strand’s ability to stretch end to end when you are holding the strand.

Your hair should be strong enough to withstand the force of the pull without snapping immediately with just enough stretch to remain slightly elastic.

The wonderful thing about all natural ingredients is that they give your hair exactly what it needs to maintain that delicate balance between strength and elasticity.

4. Protects the hair from chlorine and chemical damage

Most of us are not doing much swimming at the moment but if I planned to hit the pool on vacation I would definitely pack my travel size of Buttercream with me.

The cocoa butter in the cream (as well as other ingredients) in the product can protect the hair from hard water and chlorine that you might come in contact with while on vacation or even at home.

Overall, the As I Am DoubleButter cream is a stellar product in composition even though I highlighted just one amazing ingredient that my hair happens to love. The point is, I am huge on quality ingredients because I am very cognizant of what I put into my hair and you all should be too.

I believe higher quality products that have great ingredients eventually become staples because the combination of ingredients is actually good for your hair. If you are trying to build a regimen and you are also trying to narrow down your staples I suggest trying the Doublebutter Cream I guarantee you will love it for years to come.

Comment below and let me know if your hair loves Cocoa butter and if you have tried the As I Am DoubleButter Cream in your regimen.

This post sponsored by As I Am Naturally All opinions are my own and based on my own experiences.


  1. My hair❤❤ ❤❤❤As I am double butter cream . My #1 for twisting my hair and my LOC regimen. I used to be a product junkie, now I go to As I am !!!


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