One Of Ya’ll Tell Me What She Just Did? – @Dopeaxxpana Creates Web Box Braids


BreAunna admitted that explaining the process of doing web box braids can get a bit confusing and I tried to write out the steps but I just kept telling myself “Girl just share the video” like you usually do.

Anyway, I am going to go against what common sense is telling me and detail the steps for you here! Let’s go!

1. Prep the hair by parting rows and doing a braid from left to right which will start the triangle process- You can probably determine how many rows you want but it seems less complicated if you do two rows that will each host your triangles.

2. Create triangular sections and rubber band each section to keep them separated.

3. Ensure that the lines for each triangle are matching in every section because you will be braiding across sections and you will need straight lines to do it. Ensure that the points of every triangle are at the same spot in each section – #comeongeometry

4. Start at the top and anywhere where the triangle lines meet, section out some hair and do a small braid to start the web process. The idea is to create a border around the section in the form of a triangle with a box braid in the center!

5. Once you have created all of your borders and the triangles are complete then you can do your box braids which is clearly the easiest part.

Watch the video below:

Dope! (no pun intended)


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