Oprah Says Hair Color Is The Best Cosmetic Invention Of The 20th/21st Century – You Agree?


Recently Oprah shared raw footage of her pamper session as she got ready for the Golden Globes along with her stylist Nicole Mangrum. While Nicole got ready to add color to her hair she posed the question – What do we think is the greatest cosmetic invention of the 20th century that has carried over into the 21st?

The room overwhelmingly agreed that it was hair color and seems as if Oprah is a Clairol girl! Watch below:

Gettin’ready for the #GoldenGlobes!

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If you are into makeup more so than hair, you might not agree, either way, share what you think the greatest cosmetic invention of the 20-21st century is below!

PS – Oprah’s hair is mad thick!

PSS – Do you think we need to buy stock in Clairol?


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