Our Good Sis naptural85 Cut 13 Inches Off Her Hair And It’s Cute Cute!


Most of us have been watching Whitney or naptural85 for years! We have watched her grow out her natural curls to waist length and teach us everything from how to use natural shampoos to three-strand twists. Well, Whitney said in her video that she is tiiiiied, and she wanted a change!

In her latest video, she literally cut 13 inches of her hair and the results are super cute!

Watch below:

After cutting her hair and sharing a snip of the experience on Instagram, she shared her feelings with her audience, see below:

“I’m really attached to my hair. Whether it’s on or OFF my head, it impacts my self-image, or rather, my self-image impacts IT. 💯

I’ve been through my own personal hell these past 7 months – and maybe someday soon I’ll sit down and chat about it – but my world was completely flipped upside down.

I had to deconstruct my life, my loyalties, my responsibilities, and my self-worth. I was torn down and honestly didn’t know how I could ever build myself back up again. What I thought I knew to be a constant and reliable truth in my life – was gone. Cue the panic attacks.

And so I worked. I loved hard on my children. I loved hard on my family. I loved hard on myself. I rebuilt my heart, my mindset, my space, my limitations, and healed from the inside out. And I found out that I’m so much stronger and more capable than I ever thought possible. And turns out, with my new changes, my mental health also improved for the better – go figure. 🙄

This was more than a hair cut to me. I NEEDED THIS. I NEEDED to see myself as I felt inside. It was suffocating and I was no longer someone who needed the extra length, the extra baggage to define her. I DEFINE ME by BEING ME. And just like I no longer wanted to carry MY extra baggage with me into the future, the hair could kick it too.✌🏾

Also, while yes – it IS just hair, it will always simultaneously be MORE. It’s inconsequential because it’s gonna grow back, but at the same time, it shapes HOW you view YOURSELF on a day to day basis, and for that reason, if your SELF-IMAGE doesn’t align, it can be weighty.

So. 🥵😆 Thank you for your loving comments and support on my hair cut video! 🙏🏾🥰 I would’ve been ecstatic for my cut no matter what, but knowing y’all got my back when I sometimes make drastic moves is really cool to know. XO! 😘”

more pics:



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