Paris Hilton Is Pushes For Bill To Crack Down On Abusive Youth Facilities – “I Was Strangled, Slapped Across The Face”


Paris Hilton is speaking out on Capitol Hill against youth facilities, that are focused on giving children “Tough Love”. The reality star is pushing for a bill to be pushed through to crack down on abusive facilities.

Paris Hilton was sent to four facilities in a two-year period.

She shared on video that she was strangled, slapped across the face, called vulgar names, watched in the shower by male staff, forced to take medication without a diagnosis, and more.


In an interview with NBC News on Wednesday, Hilton said that during her time in those programs, she was choked, slapped, spied on while showering and deprived of sleep.

“There are thousands of these types of schools, and there are almost 200,000 children every year put into these places,” Hilton said. “And every day, children are being physically, emotionally, verbally, psychologically, and sexually abused.”

The soon-to-be-introduced legislation, as described by lawmakers, would make sweeping changes across several types of youth facilities, including those that care for foster children and children with mental health disorders and rely on taxpayer funding, as well as institutions that rely on payment from parents to take in their disobedient teens.

Programs that receive no public funding currently face no federal regulation.

“This is not a messaging bill — this is a bill we need to pass,” Khanna said.

Watch below:


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