How To Participate In The “Fulani Braids And Beads” Trend With Just 5 Cornrows


I have posted about the Fulani trend on Instagram a few times but to be honest, there are some of us who would prefer to avoid all of the corn rows that the style requires and still participate with something a bit simpler.

In the below video my little Jamaican friend in my head, Viv Hair Therapy made it clear that she wanted to do a Fulani inspired style but she did not want to braid her entire head.

She did 5 simple braids and then styled her fro in the back to complete her style. When I saw the video I couldn’t help but think, now that is more my style because braiding my own hair is already a problem and much worse with braids going in every direction all over my head.

If you are like me and you want a simplified version that still looks sexy you should watch the video below:

Here are the products she used:

Leave-in conditioner – Ettenio Free at Last
Moisturizer – Ettenio MangoShea
Sealant and shine – Design Essential Curling Custard
Curl Creme -Ettenio Queen of Coils
Edge control – Design Essential Edge Taming Gel
Smoothing gel – Gorilla Snot gel
Mousse – Cantu Wave Whip Mousse

Watch below:

Cute right? Comment below and let me know if you are cornrow challenged!


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