Partner With Us offers a variety of opportunities for partnerships within our popular site. Without impacting user experience with excessive advertising, we offer a flexible variety of options to suit your campaign and budget.

Why You Should Partner With Us?

  • We are a favorite goto website for women of color interested in hair care information, beauty, culture and related content.
  • Our website is updated every single day with user generated content which keeps our content fresh and relevant which keeps our loyal members coming back.
  • Our traffic is ever increasing but on average we serve on average 3.4 – 5  million page reach weekly
  • Our visitors are from over 150 different countries with about approximately 80% of them from the United States.

Advertising Options

Here is a comprehensive inventory of advertising opportunities that we provide.

Newsletter Advertising

Social Media Advertising

Branded Post Advertising

Banner Ads

In Post Advertisements


Newsletter Advertising

Many marketers know that the most sales are made with newsletter advertising. We have in excess of 8000 opt in newsletter subscribers and that figure increases every week.

Our newsletter banner advertising options are a cost-effective way for small businesses to get their products in front of potential customers with options beginning at just $100 per week. Just send us your banner to and make your payment to our PayPal and we will begin your campaign.

2 days (Wednesdays and Sunday consecutively) = 2 newsletters

4 days (Wednesday and Sunday consecutively) = 4 newsletters

Newsletter – Top Banner

This banner advert is included in our newsletters sent out on Wednesdays and Sundays to our entire list. Banner size 600 x 150 pixels but we can also adjust a standard 728 x 90 banner for you free of charge! Only 1 ad location available.

Social Media Advertising

We can send out an image + link blast to any of our social media sites. You can choose the image, link, and content of the ad as well as the time that you would like it sent. All images uploaded must be 600px x 600px to be suitable to post on our social sites.

We can also send out a video + link blast across our social sites including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. For our audience, it is best to keep the video 1 minute to 45 seconds long and be a clear demonstration of what you want the audience to see.

Emilycottontop reserves the right to edit the video, add our own music and any captions that will garner the most engagement from the audience.

Please note: As these social sites are not controlled by Emilycottontop and are subject to change in algorithms of the individual sites, we cannot guarantee reach or response to your ad.

social media stats:

Over 484K likes on Facebook


We will contact you shortly after purchasing to confirm the date/time that you would like you social media blast to be posted.

Branded Post Advertising

Individual posts are the most viewed pages on our website and they offer an excellent way to promote your products to our readers in a more personal way. covers a variety of topics related to hair care, hair products, hairstyles, beauty, fashion and culture which means that any product or service related to these topics would be ideal for inclusion.

Here are the main benefits of branded posts advertising:

➜ More user engagement with your brand as the advertisement will essentially be the content of the post.

➜ You will be able to let users know more about your products/services giving them more incentive to engage.

➜ The post remains on the website permanently.

➜ The post will be shared across all our social networks and newsletter.

Rules to remember with branded post advertising:

➜ You can provide the post yourself (minimum 500 words) or we can write it for you for a nominal fee. If you opt to write your own, please note that it will be subject to editing.

➜ We will only accept content closely related to the topics on our website.

➜ We can only accept a handful of branded post advertising per month to avoid impacting our core content so acceptance will be on a first come first serve basis.

➜ Scheduling of the branded posts will depend on our editorial calendar but we will do our best to honor a specific date.

➜ A disclosure will be added to the bottom of your post to remain in line with FTC regulations



Hosted Giveaway + Article Write Up Giveaways are a popular option for getting your products in front of potential customers. Giveaways increase your brand awareness and increase customer involvement with your products.

The article accompanying the giveaway will be professionally written by us describing the features/benefits of your products or services.

The cost of the products and shipping to the winners of the giveaway will be covered by you. Please note that the minimum value of products being given away must be at least $30. You can give away 1 item that usually retails for $30 or 3 items that retail for $10 each.

Purchasing Guidelines

A full refund will be given in the following circumstances: 1. If the ad is not approved. 2. In the event of cancellation in writing by the client before the advert goes live on the website. Your company’s advertisement will be reviewed within 24 hours of cleared payment providing all relevant artwork/articles are received.


We accept payment via PayPal which is the safest way to pay online.