Would You Pay Over $1000 To Get Your Hair Braided?


I was scrolling on Instagram and noticed the above picture posted by @beautycanbraid of an alleged conversation between a braider and a potential client. the quote as you can see was over $1000 dollars and then I looked at the picture of the braids and knew that was a ridiculous price.

With that said I started to think about how much is too much for a braid style? Would there ever be a style or a time that I would ever pay over a grand for braids regardless of how long the style takes to be installed?

The comments on the post were pretty funny and everyone pretty much agreed that the amount was out of this world:

Wtf kinda hairstylist is that 1150?! That better be for a years worth of hair dues and every time I come you better have some food for me

What?! This is a mortgage payment.

OMG $1150!?!?? And why does it take 3 days?!?! I like her response though.

The average cost of braids that I have seen is up to $400 depending on the stylist, the style, the hair and the time it takes to be installed.

There are braid styles that take a pretty long time to install, for example recently Erykah Badu introduced what she calls Cosmic Atomic Micro braids that were floor length and takes 30 days to do.

These are the only brands that I would consider to be extremely costly even without knowing what Erykah actually paid for them.

With that said the point of this post is to find out from you all, what is the most you have ever paid for braids?

By the way, for me personally, the most I would ever pay for braids is $200 or a little over that depending on the stylist and the style. Comment below, let’s discuss!



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