Peak Mill Made A 27 Piece Lace Frontal Tapered Bob Wig And Its Bomb


You all already know that when @PeakMill gets her creative juices flowing I am all over it. This new wig is a 27 piece lace frontal tapered bob wig and the movement and the cut is 100% fire!

Check it out:

Listed with the video are all the products used:

* Precustomized lace frontal
* Milky way 27 piece hair(1b)
* Canvas block head(get the size that matches your head size)
* Wig making tripod
* T-pins
* Adjustable wig cap
* Glue glue and glue sticks
* Sheers
* Hair razor
* Clipper
* Hot tools curling iron
* Hair spray
* Flat iron
* Got2b glued styling gel

Dope right?


  1. Wow this is gorgeous…I need someone to do this for me because I need a large cap and I usually cannot find wigs like this that fit my head! This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing

  2. I would love to buy a wig made by you. I love the way you style them. Gorgeous! I wish I had 1/10th of your talent. If I tried this I would end up with a Fail. I loved this wig and the short red ombre wig. Have you thought of sell them.


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