Perm Rod Hack For Long Hair – How To Achieve Curls Using Only Eight Perm Rods


If you have been following me for awhile, you know I live for any sort of natural hair hack whether it be for our hair regimen or for hair styles.

I had bookmarked NaturallyCurla’s perm rod tutorial for awhile because I knew at some point I would share it with you all here. The video you are about to see is what she calls a perm rod hack where she uses only 8 rollers to curl her whole head.

I have used perm rods for as long as I can remember but the longer my hair got the less inclined I was to roll my hair on the rod towards the root.

These days I would only roll the ends to smooth out the ends for uniformed curls. In the below video NaturallyCurla demonstrated one way you can still use small perm rods to curl your hair even when your hair is long.

Check it out:

I blow dried my hair yesterday, I will definitely be trying this!


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