This Photographer Shot A Fashion Editorial In A Church, But You Would Never Know

victor Peace

I have a ton of respect for photographers mainly because they have the ability to see the beauty in something that the ordinary eye may take for granted.

It isn’t until we see the photo that we can truly say, “wow, that’s kinda awesome” or we find ourselves asking questions like “was that in my neighborhood?” or  “Was I always that beautiful? I mean my hair isnt even done!”

The everyday photographer looks for the best shot and by ‘best’ I mean what we typically conceive as being beautiful and not what we can create out of what might look like an ordinary scene.

Creativity is about creating the extraordinary out of the ordinary and this is exactly what Victor Peace does with his photos.

I came across Victor because I saw an image on Instagram from his Maumbo fashion editorial photo series. The photo was a lady with a coffee cup, the colors were absolutely amazing and I had to repost it on my Instagram for Naturals And Coffee.

Maumbo means shapes in Swahili which exactly what you see here:

victor Peace

The caption for the photo then lead me to his website where he explained that the photo project was actually shot in a church. A church??? really, I

When I read that I was like, “a church??? really!”, I couldn’t believe it! The pictures are amazing but none of them scream Sunday morning devotion.

Check out what he had to say about how he was presented with the idea of ‘the church’:

So I sat down with my pen and paper and I pondered upon my life and my photography. I’m a good photographer, I mean, I have a couple thousand followers on my social media pages, my rate card is above average and my fiancé tells me all the time, but I felt something was missing. I needed to explore my creativity and ideas in my head.

Amazing stylist Kevo Abbra called me and talked to me about his church and in the midst of the conversation I couldn’t help but find it weird that we were talking about church with Abbra. I’m a christian, born again, but we were actually talking about the church building. He had come across some beautiful artwork in his church and he wanted us to shoot a fashion project there. Of all the locations I’ve shot in, this one was the most weird. How did the pastor even allow him.

Anyway, we came up with a few basic concepts, assembled the Justice League… Corrine Muthoni on the hair, Sylvia Owalla as the Model, Valary Mdeizi on the makeup, Kevo Abbra on the styling and Production and Lastly Superman Victor Peace on the photography and Retouching. The shoot took about 4 hours and we were on our way home

Now the pictures:

maumbo 2

maumbo 3


Model Sylvia Owalla is absolutely stunning and this whole fashion editorial is everything! Check out Sylvia here and the rest of the details about the fashion editorial here.


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