Plus Sized Rapper’s Calvin Klein Billboard Shamed On Twitter And She Responds


Ya’ll plus-sized indie rapper Chika caused quite the stir on Twitter this week when her amazing Calvin Klein Ad made its way online from the middle of Time Square.

According to some, Calvin Klein wasn’t promoting underwear with the bill board, but rather unhealthy eating, living and diabetes. So weird I could have sworn they were a fashion brand but according to a few folks on Twitter they are actually in the business of calculating blood sugar.

Here is what some of the people who thought the billboard was distasteful, had to say:

Chika decided to defend herself against some of the negative opinions:

People attempted to defend Chika as well:

The Twitter user that started the discussion Dominique Samuels, was interviewed by Bored Panda to discuss what happened on Twitter between her and Chika and she explained her opinion in further detail.

This is what she shared:

“I think Chika’s “comeback” to my tweet purposely ignored the point I was making. The things we see on billboards and promoted in fashion are the things that will impact and influence our future generations.

If she’s confident enough to be put on a billboard, she’s confident enough to take some legitimate criticism. I knew when I made the post that I would get abuse, but the amount of people who have been threatening me, abusing me for simply having an opinion is very telling.”

“I definitely think the way we view the female body at least has changed in a positive way. The average size of a woman is around 14-16 in the UK, and I encourage that to be shown in fashion, because it isn’t a life-threatening size to be, and is relatively normal. I myself am a size 12,” Dominique revealed.

“The problem I’m having is the new trend of promoting the obese and trying to normalize it when obesity is becoming a global, growing problem. It’s not only irresponsible but dangerous. Tess Holiday is another example of this, as are the obese women being put on Fashion Nova. It isn’t representing women or even empowering women, it’s encouraging bad health,” 

“I’m no health expert or fitness freak, but I do try and watch what I eat and exercise when I can when I notice I’m putting on weight, that I feel more uncomfortable in my clothes or that I’m getting out of breath more frequently,” she said. “I’d say everything in moderation. Too much of anything (including food!) is a bad thing.”

My opinion is simple, nobody should be hatefully verbally attacked, saying she was “5 minutes from diabetes” was out of line and comparing her to skinny model is just as destructive.

I do think that women of a certain size have to be careful because sometimes brands are just trying to ride the wave of a trend and that can be bad as well. Chika got a bag for that though and her health is her business. Period.

And that’s that on that! – Share your opinion below!


  1. I don’t think it promotes unhealthy body image.
    I think it encourages body confidence regardless of size.
    I’m not ‘plus size’ but I can respect the brands motives without prejudice


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