Popular Philadelphia Chef Recruits Employees From Mcdonald’s Drive Thru Tells Them “Walk Out”

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What would you do if a potential employer pulled up to your job where you worked and told you to walk off the job because they can pay you more money?

This is exactly what happened to two young women who were working their shift at a McDonald’s drive thru when popular Philadelphia Chef and author Saudia Shuler pulled up to recruit them at the window.

Saud shared the entire interaction on Instagram and her video has garnered well over 300 thousand views and mixed sentiments.

Saud shared: “So I went to McDonald’s And I asked the young lady how much she makes an hour.

Come wit aunty baby. Some may say I’m wrong, but I gotta do something. One monkey don’t stop no show. Don’t ever play wit Saud. God”

Watch for yourself below:


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Come wit aunty baby. Sum may say I’m wrong, but i gotta do something. One monkey don’t stop no show. Don’t ever play wit Saud. God 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

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Then she shared a second video of her new employees waiting outside of the restaurant ready to be trained to work.

The ladies were making $7-$8 and will now be paid $12 starting out. When they left the McDonalds, they gave no notice of any kind, literally just left.

The comments on this story were pretty interesting and split:
porsha4real said – I have mixed feelings. What if it doesn’t work out and they need a reference for the next job. I applaud giving them the opportunity but let’s do it the right way. Teach them good business. But go off 🤷🏾‍♀️

nowthatsmajor said -This one is tuff. The opportunity is dope but HOW YOU END A THING will impact HOW THE NEXT BEGINS. Respect is key. New opportunities come every day, your integrity is your credit line. Bow out gracefully. Prayerfully the new gig is worth the drastic switch.

book41 said – paying someone 7 dollars an hour in 2020 is disrespectful. The cost of living does not dictate a living wage of 7$ an hour and hasn’t in years….

lyricagarrett said – I hope her word is good!!! But I was a little thrown back by her language and how comfortable she was snatching them off their job!!! It seemed unethical and unprofessional #IntegrityIsEverything

jonicablubooth said – They don’t know abt benefits or nothing… no lie tho I woulda left for the $12 too… that’s not their careers!!! LEAVE!!!

The story made it to The Shade Room and towards the end of their caption they congratulated the ladies on the new opportunity and shouted out to Saud for providing a higher paying opportunity.

I have mixed feelings on the entire thing simply because I am a firm believer in never ever burning a bridge if you do not have to.

Of course, there are always exceptions to that rule especially when you are in a toxic environment, there is nothing worth your sanity so walking away and tossing a match behind you might be worth it.

On the other hand, if you just take a look at Saud’s Instagram she is known for supporting and giving back to her community. She hosts games, giveaways, sponsorships you name it she has done it! I have no doubt that if these girls give everything to their new job, Saud will take good care of them.


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So @curtboyz came to pick up his 58 inch tv that @daily.dove.care sponsored.

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I love a great discussion so what do you all think? How would you have handled that situation as a business owner or as an employee being solicited by another business owner? Comment below!


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