Porsha Williams’ Cousin Claims Porsha Was Messing With Simon While He Was Married To Falyn Pina


Like clockwork, after what people are calling an explosive episode of Porsha’s Family Matters, another one of Porsha’s cousins is speaking out.

Last week, Storm took to social media and accused the father of Porsha’s daughter Dennis Mckinley of assaulting her during the trip, and sexual assault.

“Dennis physical assaulted me in Mexico,” Storm captioned a tweet. “I’ve been silent long enough. This man has sexually harassed me & now A grown ass 40+ year old man physically assaulted me in Mexico. I’m sick of it!”

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This week another cousin (not on the show) took to social media to give her two cents regarding last night’s episode.

@LadyTford wrote an epistle on Instagram Stories, alleging that Porsha was “messing around” with Simon while he was married to Falyn Pina. (Porsha has always denied this).

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Dennis took to Instagram posting a picture of his mother writing:
The good reference guides (Bible & Quran) teaches us to honor our mother & father and our days will be long & plentiful! (this means others folk parents too & kinfolk too, neighbors too & the needy too).

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A post shared by Dennis McKinley (@workwincelebrate)

In his comment section Porsha’s cousin, agreed with him saying:

This right here πŸ™ŒπŸΎ but everybody wasn’t raised with the same principles…”Who raised you?” Is the question at hand πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ #RespectYourElders

In response to another commenter who accused of being jealous she said:
@builtforadversity Jealous? NEVER!! What she does, ain’t never, has never & will never make me shit! Always had my own…now again run along…

Porsha seemed to have some remorse after the episode aired, she apologized to Dennis’s mother on social media saying she is taking accountability for reacting strongly to what she was seeing.

Twitter’s reaction to the show has not been positive. Many claim that the show is a bad reflection on Porsha and her family.

One Twitter user said “She looks awful and her true colors are showing. Who knew Dennis would come out looking better.”

and another said it shows that Porsha still has feelings for Dennis.



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