Porsha Williams Shares Fiancé Simon Guobadia’s First Tattoo


Maaaan listen! Simon is doing all the things and we are not mad!

Reality star Porsha Williams shared clips of her fiance Simon Guobadia getting her name tattooed on his back.

In her caption, Porsha wrote:

“My love for you knows no limits. It is timeless, spaceless, formless, unshakable and un breakable.

In good times and bad, happy and sad, through the highs and lowest of lows know that I am there with you.

I will be your strength as you have been mine, desire your best and highest good to manifest itself in your life.

You are an unbelievable comfort, grace, wonder, inspiration, soul deep connection for which I will forever be grateful.

Do not think for one second you are alone, for two hearts and souls joined together in friendship, for this life, and in many past lives, forges an unbreakable bond that only grows stronger in time. I love you.”

Awe I’m so excited your very first tattoo is my name 🥰🥰 My ride or die through thick or thin, this love will stand strong until the end.

You know Porsha an author chile, so she has a way with words.

She also shared these photos:

This is her post, scroll through for a few videos as well. 


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Last Summer Porsha shared that she thought putting someone’s name on your body is a beautiful way to show that you love them.

Listen below:

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