How To Prepoo With Raw Aloe Vera And Dramatically Improve The Health Of Your Hair

Aloe Vera Plant

If Aloe Vera needed a cheerleader I would gladly volunteer for the position. The benefits of using the Aloe plant on your hair and scalp’s overall health and hair growth is unmatched.

I often tell the story about my mother using the gel from raw aloe plants on my hair when I was a little girl. Honestly, I hated it! For one, I thought it smelled horrendous and the gel from my 9 yr old perspective was gross.

My mother however never cared about my complaints she knew what she was doing and I am glad she stuck with it. These days nothing has changed the aloe plant is superb in composition and even though my mom did not refer to what she was doing as a ‘pre-poo’ that was essentially what she did because she always deep conditioned my hair before shampooing.

The other day Whitney AKA Naptural85 released a pre-poo recipe she has been using on her hair that involved using the aloe plant directly on her hair and scalp and it reminded me of the old days. Her process was a little different from mine but the results are the same either way!

Benefits of Aloe Vera:

Contains proteolytic enzymes which repairs dead skin cells on the scalp

Great conditioner and leaves your hair all smooth and shiny

Promotes hair growth

Prevents itching on the scalp

Reduces dandruff


The process of preparing the plant for use is pretty easy! You just have to purchase the plant from your local farmers market or health food store and slice a section of it revealing the gel.

You can either scrape the gel out of your section or you can use the plant directly on your scalp and roots. In the video below Whitney also prepares a pretty potent oil mix to use on the length of her hair for the pre-poo. You can do the same thing or you can mix the gel and oils together. Watch the video to see exactly what I mean:

I think everyone should try this pre-poo at least once regardless of your hair type you will not be disappointed.


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