This morning I shared Beyonce’s new song “Brown Skin Girl” and literally all day the reactions have been nothing short of a vibe. I wondered how Lupita reacted to hearing it for the first time and naturally she did exactly what we all are doing as she listened to her name get mentioned.

This is the line:
“Pose like a trophy when Naomis walk in / She need an Oscar for that pretty dark skin / Pretty like Lupita when the cameras close in / Drip broke the levee when my Kellys roll in.”

Watch her reaction:

Watch Luvvie’s reaction:

Yall the entire album is a literal “Gift”, an ode to our strength as black women and African people. Beyonce said it is “a love letter to Africa,” and as usual it was beautifully done.

Let me know if you listened the album and what you think!


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