#PuffGoals – 6 Women Showing Us How They Acheive The Baddest Natural Hair Puff

natural hair puff

The Natural Hair Puff is a staple for many of us! Some might call it a lazy style, others prefer using descriptive words like ‘convenient’, ‘Day 5 hair’ or ‘super cute’. The truth is the puff ain’t going anywhere and since I decided to rock mine today I thought why not share a little inspo, some #puffgoals if you will.

Before we get into the fun styles remember these three things when you plan your style:

*Keep your hair hydrated
*Try not to wear a puff every day – It’s great for an old wash and go on your fifth day or a transition style into wash day
* The bigger the puff the better – However! Try not to pick it our too much

Here are 6 women showing how they get the perfect puff for their length and natural texture!

1. @sarakyola

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2. @Goldynaps

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3. @thealishawilliams

4. @saythelees

5. @naturallytemi

6.@trulytalentedbeauty – Once you get your puff situated then, its time to get those edges right!

Bonus: @goldynaps
Combine a headwrap with your puff and create a curly bang! – Great for medium to long hair:

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When in doubt, puff it out! comment below if the natural hair puff is still your main go-to style!


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