Put Your Doubts To Rest – Halle Berry Wore Her Natural Hair To The Oscars


I saw so many instances of people insinuating that Halle Berry’s hair was a wig and that it was way too big for her face. Well if you have been watching her Instagram feed lately she has been rocking a full head of sexy curls much different from her usual wavy or short-cropped look.

Popsugar got the details on her look through an email to her stylist Castillo who admitted that the look was a two-week process:

Via PopSugar

We’re obsessed with these glossy ringlets! Celebrity stylist Castillo, who was responsible for the stunning coif, told POPSUGAR via email that it’s been a two-week-long process developing the look.

“She wanted to go with a natural beauty kind of vibe,” he explained. “It’s a big night, so she wanted to do something different, something that she’s never really done on the red carpet before.”

In case you were wondering, yes, these are Halle’s natural strands. Castillo used MOP Mixed Greens Shampoo and Conditioner to add moisture to the hair then used MOP C-Curl Defining Cream from midshaft down to the ends. Another key product utilized was the T3 Twirl Convertible Curling Iron.

“To help create a polished look, use a small-barrel curling iron to detail any undefined curls,” Castillo advised, who used the hot tool to create different-sized curls.

This is what her stylist put on Instagram:

Even though I personally loved her curls, she received quite a bit of hate from social media about her curls, some calling it a birds nest,  others speculating that she was wearing more than one wig.

For example Funkydineva:

Unfortunately, the attacks on her hair just perpetuate the idea that big natural hair is just not appropriate for Hollywood glam.

I disagree! Comment below and let me know your thoughts!


  1. I think that her hair is beautiful, we as Black Women need to stop hating on each other and start loving each other and accepting each other as we are. God made us all Beautiful, no matter what we look like what our hair look like, He loves us.

    • Halle isn’t black she’s mixed. And being honest doesn’t always mean you’re putting someone down. Her hair is shaped all wrong. It’s not her best. I still support the girl just gotta keep it real.

  2. We natural girls love a girl who dares to wear her natural curls to ANY venue. So it wasn’t about that for me. It seemed like somebody just decided to throw a bunch of curls on top of Halle’s head. No shape, just big curls. C’mon now, this us one of the most gorgeous looking women in Hollywood on one of the biggest nights in Hollywood and her hairstylist couldnt put some shape to those curls! For shame!


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