A Quick Look At Zimbabwe Through The Lens Of Nia AKA @Frogirlginny


There are so many of us who live in America or Europe but who are from places that have huge stigma’s attached to them. I couldn’t tell you how many times I have been asked about the “good ganja” when someone first finds out that I am Jamaican. Really!!??…Like everybody who was born on that island smokes week and dances in a trance to Bob Marley every day!

When you are from a place that has simple or complexed stigma’s but you love that place you feel obligated to take the torch and show the world that “hey we are more than just what you have been taught about us”.

Nia otherwise known as Frogirlginny is half Zimbabwean and on Instagram she said that she was determined to show that her country was more than the hardships we all know it for.

Since I was able to speak my Mum made it her duty to teach me to embrace my Zimbabwean culture, I learnt the language and enjoyed our traditional food but it wasn’t until I got older when people would mock Zimbabwe for the hardships which were going on.

Although I am half Zimbabwean, since then it has been my mission to share the beauty of Zimbabwe. I know I cannot change the perspectives the entire universe but I know I can help shed light and embrace what I call home. I hope within the last 3 weeks you have seen Zimbabwe in a different light with all its beauty and all its flaws.

When I read that I was curious, I wanted to see what Nia would decide to show, how would she convince me to visit, through her lens this is what she shared:

1. She brought a friend

The first thing she did that was awesome is that she brought along some curl aspiration! her sister and ‘booski’ @ownbyfemme. Both curl heads together might just be too much to handle, but let the adventures begin!

2. Sam Levy’s village
“On the 4th day of our Zimbabwe trip I took my love to Sam Levy’s village! We ate, we turned the street into a photo shoot and drank yummy organic juices.”

fro girl ginny

3. 15 seconds of Zimbabwe

4. She brought the slay even when far away

5. She Inspired us with Zimbabwean fashion

6. She showed us the beauty of the country
fro girl ginny

Zimbabwe has so much beauty and I’m glad I have been able to see it with @ownbyfemme! Today we visited #ChinhoyiCaves which was founded by Frederick Selous in 1888 with water being 4050ft!!

7. More local vibes

8. And her own individual vibes

A video posted by Nià The Light. (@frogirlginny) on

I don’t know about you but after all of that Zimbabwe is #goals for me!


Thanks for sharing your country Nia!


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