Read The Reaction A Lady Got From Her Friend After Telling Her She Found A New Job. (Screenshots)


This Twitter and text message exchange has been going seriously viral this weekend and at first, I must admit I did not understand the fascination.

However, after thinking about it and reading the comments, it was easy to see that the below exchange is very common amongst old friends and many of us have lived through some of the same scenarios.

Have you ever had a friend that you have known and loved ever since you were kids or in high school and you try to hold on to that friendship during your adult years despite the signs that you have grown apart?

These two women have been friends for a very long time and one of the ladies, Sharlo, tried to share some good news with her childhood friend about a new job, but her friend’s reaction was less than stellar.

Let’s just say she was not happy that Sharlo was achieving great things in her life “without her” and it all came to a head in one epic conversation.

Read below (strong language included):

Sharlo first shared this on Twitter:

Then Sharlo ended things on Twitter:

Moral of the story is, sometimes it might be difficult to let old friends go but if they aren’t adding value to your life or supporting you like they should be it might just be time.

Additionally, if you are that friend, and her/his perceived success is making you feel unaccomplished and you truly cannot be happy for that person you should not be afraid to have that conversation or make the first move to take a break.

Have you ever had to let go of an old friend? Share below!


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