The MOST Realistic Faux Dreads You Will Ever See – Super Light, Quick Install And Reusable


My favorite protective stylist Maria Antoinette did a review of the most realistic faux loc dreads she has ever seen, and that I have ever seen!

These are the notes, Maria wrote on her video:

I was sent these AMAZING natural looking synthetic dreads from Jacek handmade this 22 inch faux ombre dreads just for me and I couldn’t be any happier with everything!!!

The ordering process was a breeze, they are handmade and customized to my exact color picks. These Dreads are reusable, lightweight and gorgeous.

What she got:

Shades: 3, 8, 30 ombre style
Length: 55.88 cm (22″)
Thickness: Average size
Loop top
80 pieces – ( I have 62 in my head)

Here is what you will need to do this look

Cantu Daily Moisturizing Oil
Cantu Edge Control – optional I didn’t use it for a realistic look
DreadLockBox Synthetic Dreads Ordered 80 used 62
Denman Brush
Black Elastics

Get into this video:

Dope right? Purchase here


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