I Really Love Rihanna’s Sock Collection With Stance – It Launches Today

Rihanna for Stance

We all know that the Rihanna reign never lets up and even though she is on tour, she does have brand deals and business ventures launching all over the place.

One little deal that I have kept my eyes on is her Fenty for Stance collection which is a collection of socks, knee highs, sheer ankle socks, and fishnets. The collection has basically a tomboy sporty feel and a girly feel all mixed into one which is entirely her personality in a nutshell.

Check out a few snaps of the collection:
Rihanna for Stance

Rihanna for stance 4

Rihanna For Stance

Rihanna for stance

I really think as far as socks go she got it, I would certainly get a few pairs! What do you think? …Gorgeous right?


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