Rick Ross Launches A Hair Care Line With A Fancy Smancy Party At His Mansion #BeautyandBelair


Last night the who is who of the hair blogging world attended a party hosted by the beautiful Tahira Joy co-founder of The Cutlife and Maybach Music’s Rick Ross. The party can be found under the hashtag #BeautyandBelair on Instagram which by tomorrow will have way more pictures than you see here in this post.

To be honest when I first started to check out everyone’s Snaps and Instasnaps I was a little confused because I understand the notion of Rick Ross and Belair but Rick Ross cofounding a beauty line? That was a bit weird.

Despite my confusion, according to the boss the $2mill partnership was a match made in heaven, check out this snip from the party:

Now Rich Hair Care has been around for a little while and is described as “an award-winning professional HAIR CARE line “Making Luxury Affordable”


They have a pretty extensive collection with everything from Argon oil mists to men’s hair care. I took a quick look at the ingredients and if you are an all natural type of girl, this is not the haircare line for you. If you do not mind commercial products with a little something extra then they might be worth satisfying your curiosity.

@lexiwiththecurls X RickRoss


Rick Ross cofounding Rich Hair Care is the weirdest partnership ever but it will work because if sales are anything like his party everyone is pretty excited about it.

What do you think, would you try it? I would!


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