Rih-Antics! – Nobody Had More Fun At The Grammys Than Rihanna


Many of Rihanna’s stans are salty tonight because she did not win anything for her Anti Alum but do not cry for her because Rihanna the #savage didn’t seem at all phased.

She was spotted dancing on Facetime, blowing kisses to Beyonce and throwing back a shot or two while in the audience!

Check out our top four Rih-antics moments:

1. I think this was during the Tribe Called Quest performance, and she was on Facetime

A video posted by Drake (@drakescurls) on

2. blowing kisses to Beyonce

3. And then there was this moment when she and her buddy Jennifer through one back for the team

4. And this one, with the man of the night Chance The Rapper! “Caption this”

Do your thing Rih!

A video posted by Francielle ?? (@mizukisz) on


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